Your darkest deepest fears are in Hysterium!

Add Tickets are $13, Open 7 to midnight Fri and Sat, check schedule for time for other days.

As you enter Hysterium, you will be immersed immediately into the lobby waiting room where the patients will be glad to see you. They want to get out and the head nurse has to keep order while you await your turn in to the intake area. If you escape or not, you will be lost in the Hysterium Haunted Asylum and hopefully only have nightmares as you escape!!!

Try to escape the Tool Shed for $5 per person and get a $5 Bandidos coupon and if you escape it on time, you get immediate access to Hysterium bypassing the VIP/FastPass and General Admission lines!

Haunted Hotel: 13th Floor proudly supports the Don't Be A Monster anti-bullying program. Don't Be A Monster is a national nonprofit that works with haunted houses throughout the United States to offer anti-bullying assemblies to students. They are the largest nonprofit that works with haunted houses in the U.S, and we are proud to stand alongside and support them. For more information, visit

Don't Be A Monster Bullying Prevention Program

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