Your darkest deepest fears are in Hysterium!


New 2015 announcements!

Tony MoranAppearing at Hysterium opening weekend, Friday Sept 18 and Saturday Sept 19 is actor Tony Moran, the original Michael Myers, from the first Halloween movie. Tony will be available for free pictures with fans and will he sign his promo pictures or your item for $20 each.

Photo of Tony Moran by Shane Dabbs

Want to try the newest fun in interactive entertainment? In January 2016 we will be introducing to Fort Wayne, "HYSTERIUM ESCAPES". More information coming soon!

To give you a teaser to the what is coming, this Halloween season we have a 3 minute Escape Challenge - TOOLSHED! You and your friends each pay $5 for the Escape Challenge. You will get a $5 credit for a choice of CrazyPinz OR Bandidos, and if you succeed in solving the TOOLSHED Escape Challenge in 3 minutes or less, you will enter Hysterium Haunted Asylum immediately and win a whole hot and ready pizza to eat when your group gets out of Hysterium! Extremely Limited tickets and may sell out early so buy online NOW!!

Get $2 coupons at your favorite store where you buy Pepsi. Or buy online: Online coupon code is Luther15 for $3 off Thursdays, $2 off Fridays or $1 off Saturdays.

As you enter Hysterium, you will be immersed immediately into the lobby waiting room where the patients will be glad to see you. They want to get out and the head nurse has to keep order while you await your turn in to the intake area. If you escape or not, you will be lost in the Hysterium Haunted Asylum and hopefully only have nightmares as you escape!!!